Sale and distribution

Sale and distribution

Our sale and distribution

The distribution and cutting of the sweet potato plant are carried out daily. We collect them today and tomorrow they are at their destination, cooperatives and farmers. Our plant does not go through cold rooms, and are at room temperature to preserve its essence and the freshness of the sap. We sell plants to countries such as Portugal, France, Holland, Greece … The plant is cut manually, is prepared in bundles or packages 100 plants. Minimum orders would send by courier from 2,000 plants. Plant yams can be found in our nurseries from about March 15 to 30 June. The sweet potato plant can be found in our nurseries from March 15 approximately until June 30. The plants go through a strict control of pests and viruses. Once the production is finished, the plant is destroyed and new plants are planted for the next year, disinfecting before replanting the land with Solarization.



The fruit is bright orange and soft orange skin. Collection time from sowing is approximately 5 months. It is the most marketed and sabrosa.


Orange fruit and smooth texture. Harvest time is 4 months.


Fruit orange and purple skin is tasty but little commercial. The collection time 3 months.

Other varieties


Seeding is done in separate including about 80cm and separating each floor 25 to 30cm depending on the variety, the soil, fertilizer, irrigation and care ridged. Each plant can produce between 1kg and 2kg. One hectare is planted approximately 35,000 plants.

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