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Plantas de Boniato Miguel Guerra is a limited liability company which has been dedicated to the production of cuttings for three generations: more than 70 years of professionalism in the planting of sweet potato plants, guaranteeing the highest quality and guarantee.

This company is located on the coast of Malaga, in Axarquia, specifically in El Morche, where they enjoy the “Best Climate of Europe”. In addition, they have 80,000 m2 of nurseries which have multi-tunnels with heating, computer controlled irrigation and climate control. This helps the plants to avoid sudden changes in temperature.

The distribution and cutting of the sweet potato plant is done daily, harvesting the day before delivery, in order to have your order available first thing in the morning. In addition, our plant does not go through cold storage, thus preserving the essence and freshness of the sap.

More info about Sweet Potatos

Sweet potato plant offer us one of the healthiest products for people, the well-known sweet potato. We are suppliers of sweet potato plant and we offer the best quality products. In our company you can buy sweet potato plant with international shipments and also wholesale to plant in your land or plot.

From different types of sweet potato seeds, there are around fourteen different varieties of sweet potato plant, these are:

Californiana de Rama Gruesa sweet potato, sweet potato Pepita, Georgia Jet, O´Henry, Rosa de Málaga sweet potato plant, Jasper, Camote amarillo, Violeta Roja, Centenal, Lisa de Tucumán, Eland, Camote del Cerro, Camote Blanco y Camote Silvestre, among others.

Sweet potato plant, regardless of their type, provide great health benefits. Sweet potato plant are a source of energy and provide essential vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin B6 or vitamin C; as well as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.

In addition, sweet potato plant provide other types of benefits to the human body; they are a great source of fiber, so they improve the body’s metabolism and help to remove toxins from the body. The health benefits of sweet potato plant help lower cholesterol and improve blood pressure.

Sweet potato plants

Regarding the types of sweet potato plants that we have just mentioned, there are certain types of differences between them; from different sweet potato seeds. For example, for Californiana de rama gruesa sweet potato, we mainly point out that their origin is from California, United States, which gives these sweet potato plant their name. They have a red hue and are the most used for confectionery.

Sweet potato plant Pepita have their origin in Malaga. They were born due to the crossing of the Californiana de rama gruesa sweet potato with the Beuregard sweet poatato seeds. Sweet Potato Pepita plant have a curious purple color and their flavor is similar to a roasted chestnut.

Georgia Jet and Jasper sweet potato plant are both recognized for their benefits and usefulness. The harvest of this type of sweet potato is one of the earliest, as well as the Lisa de Tucuman variety, of Argentine origin.

The O’Henry sweet potato plant, like the Californian, have a sweeter taste than the rest, so they are used mainly for desserts. The plant that stands out the most for its sweet taste is the Camote Amarillo.

Rosa de Málaga originate from sweet potato plant that give them the pink color and have large amounts of vitamin C.

Violeta roja sweet potato plant, as their name suggests have a reddish color; and are cultivated all over the world because of its easy adaptability.

Centenal sweet potato plant has its origin in America and is characterized by its high quality.

Native to Africa, Eland sweet potato plant are delicate against shocks and handling.

The sweet potato Camote del Cerro has a brownish color that resembles the wood of trees; it´s from Mexico. Another type of sweet potato with this brownish color is Camote Silvestre. A peculiarity of this type of sweet potato plant is that they are consumed especially by women in the menopausal stage, as it relieves symptoms.

Finally, one of the most important sweet potato varieties we want to point out Camote Blanco, as the most similar to a traditional potato. Various sweet potato seeds have been used to obtain the different varieties of sweet potato.

¿How are sweet potato plant sowed?

The sweet potato is not obtained from sweet potato seeds. Sweet potato seeds will only be used for the elaboration of new varieties of sweet potato plant. The sweet potato is obtained through cuttings from other sweet potato plant. Sweet potatoes are grown from rooting cuttings, often called sweet potato slips.

In this way, with a cutting, shoots from other plant, we can get new sweet potato slips.

To obtain sweet potato slips, first of all you have to cut the sweet potato in two and later, introduce the pieces of sweet potato in containers with water with up to 3 cm of coverage; trying to leave the yolks in the part where there is no water. Once we have our cuttings in the containers with the water, we place them in a warm and bright place. After this process, we wait until the shoots reach a size of about 15 cm high to change them to a larger container for a week. By the end of the week, they should already have roots, so they could be transplanted to the land that we want to use for cultivation.

Additionally, it should be emphasized that the seeds of sweet potato are used to obtain new varieties of sweet potato plant.

¿What climate and soil are ideal for growing sweet potato plant?

The sweet potato is a tropical plant; so, the ideal temperature for sowing it is between 17 degrees at night and 21 degrees during the day; although it supports minimum temperatures of up to 12 degrees and maximums of up to 25.

To sow sweet potato plant from sweet potato slips, it´s required a soil with optimal drainage. It is also important that the soil doesn´t have a large amount of nitrogen, and that it offers a large part of organic matter.

There are procedures and techniques that must be followed before planting sweet potato slips so that the soil presents the optimal characteristics.

First, we must fumigate the soil, then fertilize it and install a drip irrigation system. Once the land has been conditioned, it is important to wait until the months of March to June to plant the sweet potato slips, depending on the geographical area of cultivation.

The irrigation system will run in an interrupted way, that is, spending one day for seven days; then it will be left for a few days without watering so that the root can penetrate the ground.

It is important not to forget to continuously carry out a check to avoid pests. The main pests that attack sweet potato plant are Agroteslineatus, the leaf worm, the green and black aphids or the red mite. 

Finally, when harvesting sweet potato plant, extreme care is recommended, the skin of this plant is very delicate and can be damaged by friction. Sowing from sweet potato seeds is restricted to research to obtain new varieties.

¿In which dish can I try sweet potato plant?

As mentioned above, sweet potato plant are high in fiber, vitamins and nutritional properties; that´s why have become a star ingredient in kitchen dishes.

In addition, sweet potato plant are very easy to cook. Like potatoes, they can be eaten cooked, fried, baked, steamed or in the microwave; among others. Even its skin is eatable, if it´s previously washed well.

Thanks to their sweetened flavor, sweet potato plant can also be used in dessert recipes, such as sweet potato pie.

Some of the simplest and most appetizing recipes with sweet potato plant are:

The baked sweet potato: After washing the sweet potato, cut it in the way you prefer and spice it up with salt, aove, garlic and rosemary. Later place it on a baking dish previously covered with greaseproof paper.

Finally, bake it at a temperature of 180 degrees. After fifteen minutes in the oven turn over, to cook it for another 15 minutes at the same temperature. ¡Our sweet potato dish would be ready!

The fried sweet potato: As with French fries, the sweet potatoes are first peeled, washed, and cut into thin strips. The oil must be preheated for a moment so that it is ready to cook our sweet potato strips. They are cooked until golden brown and spice it up with salt up to taste

Sweet potato puree: This dish is undoubtedly one of the most desired and prepared in a healthy diet. We only need a kilo of sweet potato plant, 50 ml of whole milk, 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, about 50 grams of butter, half teaspoon of ground nutmeg, a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper.

While the oven is preheating, a kitchen trick is to roll the sweet potatoes with aove in aluminum foil. Later, we bake the sweet potato for about 40 minutes at 190 degrees. We wait for them to cool down, remove the skin and in a bowl, they are crushed with the help of a fork. Once we have obtained a doughy touch, add the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Now they are ready to eat hot or cold.

As has been explained, sweet potato plant are an excellent option due to their great nutritional value and their beneficial contributions to the body. Its flavor is special, with a sweet touch that will not leave any palate indifferent.

With an average weight from half a kilo to 6 kilos and with sizes ranging between 5 cm and 40 cm in length, depending on its variety, it is a food that cannot be missing in our kitchen.

The Sweet Potato Plan

The plant is cut by hand and separated into bunches or bundles of 100 plants each.

We currently distribute plants in the Spanish and European markets.

The plants undergo strict pest and virus control to guarantee the quality of the plant. Once the sowing season is over, this plant is removed so that new plants can be sown for the following season. In addition, the soil is disinfected through a solarisation process.

Sowing is done in ridges about 80 cm apart and between 25 cm and 30 cm from the plant, depending on the variety chosen, the soil, fertilisation, irrigation and care. Each plant can produce between 1 kg/2 kg.

Sweet Potato Plant Varieties

Plantas de Boniato Miguel Guerra S.L. works with different varieties among which we highlight:

– California: the fruit is bright orange and the skin is soft orange. Harvesting time from sowing is approximately 5 months. It is the most commercialised and tasty.

– Beauregard: Orange fruit with a smooth texture. Harvesting time is 4 months.

– Jewel: Orange fruit with purple skin. Harvesting time is 3 months.

We also have other varieties, among them: O’Henry, Georgia jet…

Sowing is done in ridges about 80 cm apart and between 25 cm and 30 cm from the plant, depending on the variety chosen, the soil, fertilisation, irrigation and care. Each plant can produce between 1 kg/2 kg.

Useful Information of Sweet Potato Plant

It is known as sweet potato, batata, boniato, camote, moniato, papa dulce, batata azucarada, patata dulce…, although its scientific or Latin name is Ipomoea batatas or Convolvulus batatas, belonging to the family Convolvulaceae.

There are different varieties and each variety has a different colour, shape, size, weight and taste.

As a tropical plant, it does not tolerate low temperatures. For ideal growth, it needs a temperature above 21ºC, a humid environment and good luminosity. The minimum growing temperature is 12ºC. For a good conservation of the plant, the temperature should be between 11 and 15 ºC, with a humidity of 80-85% (in ventilated spaces).

Around 35,000 plants can be planted on one hectare.

Sweet potatoes have a number of healthy properties: they are rich in beta-carotene, are a healthy carbohydrate and an antioxidant, contribute to the health of your immune system and, reduce inflammation.

The sweet potato can be used in the kitchen in exactly the same way as the potato: it can be boiled, fried, baked, steamed, microwaved, etc. It can also be cooked peeled or with skin (thoroughly washed). Thanks to its sweet taste, it can also be used in sweet recipes, as with pumpkin and carrot.

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